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     Our Sugar Business


GAM is Mexico’s third largest sugar producer, with a combined milling capacity of 36,000 tons of sugar cane daily.


We more than 4 million tons of cane annually. These are produced on over more than 55 thousand hectares of land by almost 15,000 producers.


We own and operate four mills, strategically located in Mexico.  We sell our products in both Mexico and the United States.


GAM is a pioneering company in terms of the vertical integration of the supply chain, by means of the production of sugar cane (11% out of our own cane) and the diversification of income through the co-generation of electrical power utilizing sugar cane mash. This electricity is used in both our sugar mills and our beverage business, with excess capacity sold to third parties.



Stevia Holdings


The increasingly demanding regulations concerning obesity, together with consumers’ growing preference for low-calorie natural products, led GAM to develop a calorie-free sweetener of natural origin. This product is purified without chemical substances or artificial ingredients, and is free of the bitter aftertaste that had characterized Stevia derivatives throughout the years.


Stevia sweetener brings several benefits, including:


  • Zero calories
  • 100% natural
  • Substitute for synthetic sweeteners, such as sucrose and aspartame, among others
  • 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar
  • Suitable for diabetics




We market extracts and formulations based on Stevia. In order to achieve this, we follow a vertically integrated model, from production at our plantations in the state of Nayarit, to selling Stevia extracts as powder and custom-made formulations for consumer packaged goods.


We handle the plant’s farming in an integrated way, from genetic research to dry leaves selling. Our process also includes dry leaves transformation and extraction to get our primary product.


For further details on our sugar business please visit: http://www.gamsa.mx/




“Let’s Talk about Sugar” (“Hablemos de azúcar”)


In 2013, GAM joined the “Let’s Talk about Sugar” campaign organized by Somos Métele Caña, an enterprise concerned with good sugar cane usage and consumption.  The main objective of the campaign was to communicate to the general public the benefits of sugar, which is  derived from  natural products. . We distanced the product from the growing negative connotations that have been attributed to it, emphasizing that an excessive ingestion of sugar is not necessary, for “just a bit” is enough and healthy.




During 2014 GAM continued suporting Somos Metele Caña through several sponsoring activities for Mexican Athlete's in the Juegos Centroamericanos - which took place in Veracruz, Mexico