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       Our Beverage Business


GEPP is the only soft drinks and water distributor with a nationwide coverage and presence, and one of the most important distributors of jug water in Mexico and worldwide.

GEPP owns two plastic manufacturers, which produce around 70% of the PET bottles and 90% of the PET caps used for its bottling beverages segment.


GEPP manufactures, bottles and distributes a wide portfolio of beverages such as soft drinks, juices, iced tea and bottled water, among others. GEPP is the exclusive distributor of PepsiCo in Mexico, as well as of different proprietary and third-party brands.


In 2014, GEPP sold 810 million unit cases of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, which represented a 0.4% volume sales increase over 2013.

In addition, GEPP sells jug water in 20 and 10.1 liter sizes from its different natural water brands –with Epura® as the most relevant one.  These are directly delivered to consumers’ homes. Grupo GEPP currently serve over 2.5 million clients through its direct-to-home distribution, from which approximately 80% are households.


GEPP's total jug water  volume for  2014  was 804 million unit cases, which represented a 0.4% volume sales growth when compared to 2013.

GEPP has focused on modernizing its nationwide distribution footprint, planning more effective routes and leveraging new territories. This strategy has resulted in a significant growth for its bottled drinks in the domestic retail channel, as well as in the expansion of direct distribution of jug water to customers’ households.



For further details on our beverages business please visit http://www.gepp.com.mx/


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