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Press Releases

24/JUL/2015 2Q15 Earnings Release Organización Cultiba Announces Second Quarter and First Six Months 2015 Financial Results... -
13/JUL/2015 2Q15 Earnings Call Advisory Organización Cultiba Announces Second Quarter 2015 Earnings Conference Call date...
06/JUL/2015 Dividend Payment July 2015 Organización Cultiba announces payment of first installment for 2015 dividend...
29/JUN/2015 Deferred Taxes 2014 Organización Cultiba announces deferred taxes from 2014 fiscal excercise according to current ISR Law
12/JUN/2015 2015 Dividend Payments Announcement Organización Cultiba announces dividend decree for 2015 and provides information about payment dates and per share amounts to shareholders...